Help us to fight COVID-19

We educate health workers

A new course on the Prof Adow School. Graduated students will assist on the hospital + in public activities.

We produce ppe & soap

The sewing course changes their production to protective masks and gowns. A new course will produce liquid soap.

We inform the public

Activities to teach the local authorities & people how to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in the community.
The COVID-19 pandemic is arriving in Somalia. Prof Adow TVET Center has started a cooperation with Galkayo Regional Hospital, to supply the following:
  • Production of liquid soap
  • Production of protective masks and gowns
  • Education of health workers at the school
  • Information campaign about how to prevent and protect from COVID-19
We kindly ask you to make a donation to this cause. Every donation makes a big difference in a poor and vulnerable community like Galkayo (which also include surrounding camps with >100.000 internal refugees). Thank you!
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