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  Yme is a norwegian foundation that works to improve water and sanitary installations in Africa. Furthermore we build and run educational training centers, such as Prof Adow TVET Center in Galkayo. This means we work across the entire local communities. Primary needs such as access to clean water, food, education and work is the key to eliminating the poverty millions of people live in today.

More info: www.yme.no  ,  https://www.profadow.org/about-yme/


  Gurmad for Sustainable Aid (GSA) is a non-governmental organization relieves the suffering of those affected by war, natural disaster and disease, by providing life-saving assistance focus on access to safe drinking water and improves the sanitation and hygiene of community members, technical education and assist in promoting peace and good governance among the affected communities.

More info: http://www.gsa.org.so/

Norway's diplomatic relations with Somalia are handled by the Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi.

More info: https://www.norway.no/en/somalia/

adra-big-68790.png   ADRA (The Adventist Development and Relief Agency) network are comprised of more than of 130 supporting and implementing country offices. ADRA has been operating in Somalia since 1992 and has an office in each of the seven states.

ADRA Somali’s work is anchored on a programming approach that recognises the essence of the communities taking leadership in their own development. We work with partners to promote an enabling environment for livelihood and economic development, renewable energy, education, increase access and availability to water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and emergency management for the communities.

We believe in participatory development which utilises both men and women capabilities and provides equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and religion.

More info: https://adra.org/

Supporting Partners:   
  • UNOCHA WASH cluster and UNOCHA HEALTH cluster
  • Somalia Federal Minister of Health Fowsiy Nur
  • Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoor Qoor)
  • Director of AMISON hospital in Mogadishu Dr Asha Omar.

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