Galkayo South Hospital

hopspital-big-66483.pngGalkayo South Hospital is the biggest hospital in Galmudug state. It was established by a local organization called Mudug Development organization, with support from Somali diaspora, Mudug community, SIDA- Sweden, CIDA- Canada, MSF-Holland (Médecins Sans Frontières), IRC (International Red Cross) and IMC (International Medical Corps) and began operating in 2000.

It operates under the management of Director Mohamed Abdi.

Thospital-2-big-93361.pnghe 11,350 m2 indoor premises contains a number of specialities:
hospital-3-big-56517.pngThe following services are supported by MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) and IMC (International Medical Corps):
The staff consists of 91 people and includes administrators, head doctors, nurses, midwives and technicians; administrative directors or financial directors, as well as security personnel. Around 40 assistants are also participating in the facility's annual training program.

The hospital seeks to fill not only the urgent need for health care with focus on COVID-19 but also to provide training for a new generation of doctors, nurses and midwives qualified to provide Reproductive Health care throughout the Central regions.


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